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Euclid University (EUCLIDE or in long form "Pôle Universitaire Euclide") is an international university with its roots and historic headquarters in Bangui, the capital of the Central African Republic. The first High Steward of Euclid when it was a university association (including the university of Bangui) was Ambassador Emmanuel TOUABOYE, Ambassador of the Central African Republic in Washington until 2009. Former Prime Minister Professor Faustin TOUADERA is now serving as High Steward (as of 2015). This is fitting because Euclid University exists today thanks to the vision and efforts of Professor TOUADERA when he was the Rector of the university of Bangui.

"Euclid" (properly "Pôle d'extension universitaire Euclide") was first launched as the international extension of the university of Bangui in 2006, but in 2008 it was redefined and constituted as an intergovernmental organization. The Central African Republic became a EUCLID Participating State in December 2010 under the signature of the Prime Minister Faustin TOUADERA, and signed its first and history headquarters agreement in 2011. EUCLID was hosted in part at the university of Bangui and in the Petroca tower.

The Permanent Mission of the Central African Republic has done much to file all the necessary documents to ensure the international recognition of his important institution of higher learning.

Photo: The Prime Minister TOUADERA poses in New York with the Assistant Secretary General of Euclid University (2011).

After the events of late 2012, EUCLID maintains its headquarters agreement in place but has also signed a headquarters agreement with The Gambia to avoid disruption of its international mandate during the time of political transition in the country.

EUCLID is among a small group of truly international and multilateral universities, including the United Nations University. Serving States and governments across almost all the continents (except for Europe), it has become a partner of several other important intergovernmental organizations, notably ECOWAS and CAFRAD.

Remise de diplome

Photo above: H.E. Ambassador TOIHIRI of the Comoros, Ms Niyonzima receiving her Master's degree, H.E. Prime Minister TOUADERA, H.E. Ambassador Niyonzima of Burundi, H.E. Ambassador DOUBANE; April 2012 in New York.





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